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The powder coating division of F3 Metalworx provides the cost effective vertical integration expected to complement our fixture and fabricating divisions – we are your true one stop solution provider. But our true mission goes beyond our internal or shared customers and strives to meet the metal finishing needs of manufacturers throughout the Eastern Great Lakes region. Our goal is to deliver enhanced value-added service in cleaning, coating, assembling and packaging of the products our customers took great care and pride in making. Offering the widest diversity in coating tooling in the region and practicing continuous improvement in our methods, products and service, we will treat all customers, suppliers and company personnel with integrity and respect.

  F3 Metalworx was named one of the Top Shops in the U.S. for 2019!

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At the F3 Powder Coating facility we do it all:

True partnering with our customers with a mutual continuous improvement approach to products and services is the major focus of our business strategy. Updating and improving the management and production systems and the equipment to support these systems is part of everyday life at F3 Metalworx. We will define specific Process Control Instructions from receiving to final inspection for your component or assembly as part of our system.

F3 powder coating offers a variety of value-added services, handles many different volumes and sizes, and serves a variety of different industries. Contact us today and find out how we can serve you.

Part Preparation

Part Preparation is essential to any coating process. F3 Metalworx has the experience and methods to wash, apply conversion coating, seal, mask and properly prepare aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous part surfaces for electrostatic application of powder coatings. Our processes have demonstrated up to 1,000 hours of Salt Spray Durability.
At F3 Metalworx we have two multi-stage pretreatment systems: Multi stage Iron Phosphate Pretreatment with available Seal Coat. We also have the experience and tooling to mask electrical contacts and threaded connections

Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting removes virtually any coating from any surface including metal, wood and fiberglass. By incorporating water into the blasting process, friction and heat are removed so there is no fear of metal warpage. The surface temperature is approximately 10 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. When watching dustless blasting videos, what appears to be "dust" is actually water mist. This water mist encapsulates the abrasive material and coating being removed which quickly falls to the ground. 


Powder Coating

F3 Metalworx provides a comprehensive range of powder coating services for our customers. Our coating partners are the top of industry including AkzoNobel, Axalta, Dubois/Galaxy, IFS, Nordson, PPG, Sherwin Williams and TCI. Our specialization in high volume industrial and commercial product capabilities set us apart from the competition. This means we can handle a high volume of a large range of parts sizes. We also have additional lines and equipment for low and medium volume applications.

Powder Coat Applications

  • Hand and power tool components
  • Springs
  • Electrical control panels/wireways
  • Automotive/truck components
  • Castings – sand/die
  • Agricultural components
  • Shelving/racking
  • Compressed air components
  • Fencing components
  • Medical boxes
  • Drain system components
  • Screens/guards
  • Wire form tubing
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Recreational
  • Weldments
  • Fabricated assemblies
  • Fluid bed -Bus bar/electrical resistance coating

We are a multi-line facility with conveyorized lines from 145 lineal ft to over 750 lineal ft and weight capacities from a paper clip to 200 lbs. We have the line, process, and personnel to process and deliver on your expectations.

Maximum capability as of 2018 - 36.0” wide (perpendicular to conveyor travel) x 56.0” (high) x 180.0” long (parallel to conveyor travel)

For all customers, F3 Metalworx dedicates itself to delivering service that is:

  • Performance oriented – from our vast selection of current tooling to custom tooling design
  • Cost effective – Nordson automatic electrostatic equipment with automatic powder reclaim
  • Timely – most orders completed within 1-7 days of receipt
  • Environmentally friendly – no process wastewater discharge
  • Safety conscious – high level employee involvement and focus
  • Quality – through design, processing, and testing
  • All backed with decades of industry experience

Light Assembly And Packaging

Light assembly and packaging are additional services offered to our customers. Since powder coating is frequently the last value-added process for most products, many customers prefer to have us complete the assembly, labeling, decal, bar code and/or packaging for them. We can accomplish these tasks at a competitive price and may reduce your total packaging and shipping costs.

Reliable Transportation

F3 Metalworx is located near major transportation routes, resulting in minimal cost and time for shipping products. As a service to our customers, we provide dock-to-dock delivery to customers in the tri-state area (Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio) who desire immediate turn around.

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